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Simply put, Hospitality Ambassadors. We believe that hospitality services, industry revolution and revenue maximization not only can, but should co-exist.

Having worked on both the concessions and promoter side of the industry, EHS is uniquely positioned to provide the best service for your event as well as the best experience for your guests.

Through their collective experience, EHS combines logistical and analytical prowess to focus on the highest ancillary revenues in the current market.

Our Services

Experience and Expertise

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Hospitality Ambassadors

Full service hospitality solutions:

  • Food & Beverage Layout

  • Sponsorship / Activation Management

  • Food Curation / Menu Development

  • Event Specific Local Integration

Guest Experience

Collaborative partnerships lead to the ultimate culmination in layout, activations, curation, product placement and pricing.

Separate your event from the pack and provide an experience to remember!


Inventory Control and Planning

World class inventory controls and procedures to ensure accountability and maximize revenues.

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